Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I don’t intend to make light the difficulty one is going through, especiall when a bit of humor is added in some of these tips, I just hope that it could somehow help in hanging on, in resting, in healing, and possibly, in letting go and moving on.
  1. Cry you heart out. Get a bag of tissue rolls and let your tears speak of what pain no one else could fully understand.
  2. Call a trusted friend and confide to her your hurts. Cry again.
  3. Rest for a while. Don’t let your tears dry out, it would be difficult later on if you run out of tears to release the heaviness you feel in your heart.
  4. Call you mother, let her know how you’re planning to take vengeance with your ex.
  5. Eat chocolate. Whoever says that life can’t be bittersweet?
  6. Even if you don’t feel like it, go to the gym and hit that treadmill. Release all your pent up energies. You’ll feel better.
  7. Have some more sleep, cuddle a cute teddy bear, the one your boyfriend did not give you!
  8. Set your alarm clock to avoid oversleeping. Use three clocks if you must so you won’t cheat by turning it off and just going back to sleep. Put two clocks beyond your reach so you’d really need to get up to turn it off. (Don’t take sleeping pills!)
  9. Search your all Dvd files and watch every comedy film you can find. I know, you’re almost sure you won’t laugh anyway, but just do this for the sake of doing something for now. Give Mr. Bean a chance okey?
  10. Search your Dvds again. This time, look for tragic and war movies, films like “The Pianist” or “Schindler’s List”. You might feel a bit thankful after watching the terrible troubles of people living during those times.
  11. Call another friend. Tell her to keep watch and just call you once in a while.
  12. Search for pictures of your ex. Now you know what to do. Tear them into pieces!
  13. Look for couples watching a lovely sunset. Then have the guts to tell one of them it aint gonna last!
  14. Listen to sad stories of broken marriages. Be thankful you weren’t married to a good-for-nothing man.
  15. Search the internet for pictures of starving children in Africa. Donate some money and maybe you’d feel a little better.
  16. Eat your favorite cake.
  17. Treat yourself to a SPA.
  18. Have your hair fixed and wear a new style.
  19. Go to a place where you can pay a fee for throwing out plates and breaking them to pieces.
  20. Buy rock CDs and let them lull you to sleep. Or better yet, find a new apartment with annoying neighbors so you’d have reason to stay out late in the night when you can’t sleep.
  21. Go shopping, buy those clothes you’ve always wanted to have.
  22. Treat your friends to fine dining. They would feel a lot better, too!
  23. Buy a pet.
  24. Buy seeds and start some gardening.
  25. Learn some photoshop and see how your ex would look like in 50 years. Yes I know, its disgusting. Of course you don’t need to photoshop your own picture, you’d stay younger now that he’s gone out of your life.
  26. Watch a boring opera concert. You may not have fun, but atleast you’d fall asleep.
  27. Burn your previous love letters.
  28. Burn your memorabilia items.
  29. Attend parties with cute guys.
  30. Find yourself a new crush!
  31. Surround yourself with children and play with them.
  32. Go to the park and help the ice cream man sell his stuff to kids.
  33. Go the home for the elderly. Let them talk to you what life is all about.
  34. Read the lives of saints. See how happy they are even if they’re single.
  35. Volunteer for charitable work.
  36. Search your closet and mend your clothes.
  37. Enroll in a cooking lesson and learn a new delicious dish.
  38. Dance.
  39. Do Tai-chi or yoga.
  40. Watch a sunrise.
  41. Dance in the rain, just don’t overdo it and catch a cold.
  42. Pray
  43. Ask others to pray for you.
  44. Look in the mirror and see how beautiful you really are.
  45. Walk in the sand.
  46. Run like children do.
  47. Buy a punching bag, paste your ex’s picture there and keep on punching.
  48. Get a sideline and keep yourself busy.
  49. Start writing a diary.
  50. Start a blog.
  51. Go to your friend’s house and help with house cleaning.
  52. Read books on how to heal a broken heart.
  53. Make new friends.
  54. Go to new places.
  55. Shop at the mall.
  56. Go to the park.
  57. Write down the 10 things you wanted to do most in life (don’t include anything about your ex).
  58. Write tips you’d give to your future daughter if she ever gets a broken heart.
  59. Listen to inspirational music.
  60. Paint. Learn to paint.
  61. Watch some cartoons like Hello Kitty or Winnie the Pooh.
  62. Watch horror movies.
  63. Play a computer on-line role playing game and achieve the highest level of your avatar.
  64. Call a tough but trusted friend who can force you to do things you don’t feel like doing.
  65. Visit some children with cancer and try to entertain them.
  66. Have regular brisk walks with a friend.
  67. Eat fruits.
  68. Buy incense and let it purify your surroundings.
  69. Light a candle and let your prayer go up to heaven, to the ears of Him who hears all our cries.
  70. Talk to someone who got over her heartache.
  71. Join a musical band. It would be better if you’re the one playing drums.
  72. Buy some of your favorite toys when you were a child.
  73. Have some chicken soup.
  74. Buy a comfortable blanket you can snuggle into at night.
  75. Cry again.
  76. Take a bath.
  77. Have a footspa.
  78. Change your perfume.
  79. Write a short story.
  80. Write a poem.
  81. Ride the most fearful ride you could find at the carnival.
  82. Hug a pauper.
  83. Ask for hugs from family and friends. Three times a day would be nice :-)
  84. Buy balloons. Write in them your wishes and let them fly away.
  85. Learn wall climbing.
  86. Feed your pet. Remember the one I advised you to buy? If you don’t he might just be dying now, you know.
  87. Start a collection. Stamps, shells, rare rocks, whatever collection you’d have the slightest interest in.
  88. Buy twelve pencils. Break them one by one.
  89. Buy crayons. Scribble anything you desire.
  90. Read my website and find your daily spiritual inspiration (www.itakeoffthemask.com)
  91. Go stargazing on a clear night.
  92. Wish upon a star once again.
  93. Embrace an old tree. Feel the spirit of its ancient life embracing you, too, making you feel safe.
  94. Give an old lady a flower.
  95. Play the flute.
  96. Solve a difficult puzzle.
  97. Pray again.
  98. Cry again.
  99. Hope again.
  100. Live again.
  101. Love again.